Ten of The Ugliest Homes You've Ever Seen

Ugly Homes

I know how about we just move all the windows to the corner of the house.  That sounds like a awesome idea!

Photo Credit: Jason Mullins

Ugliest Homes

Hey Dorthy how about we just make our home look like a Calf Hut like growing up on the farm.

Photo Credit: Kennith Knight

Bill & Terry thought it would be a good idea to make it so you can rock climb on their home.  Are you Jealous??

Photo Credit: Keith Daly

Not sure what happened here??

Photo Credit: Keith Daly

I think the owner of this home watches too much Lord of the Rings perhaps??

Photo Credit: Peter Dutton

"We have a kids room might as well make the outside of the home match as well"

Photo Credit: Chad Miller

"lets just skip the siding and make one big roof for our home"

Photo Credit: Kenneth Knight

"we don't need a contractor lets just build this one ourselves"

Photo Credit: Kaisa

"lets make our neighbors feel like someones watching at all times"

Photo Credit: Kenneth Knight