A Little About Arboretum

Arboretum, which is also called Washington Park, is very well-known to the people of Seattle as the place for weekend getaways and trips. The park extends from the northern entrance that is ever lively with spruce and pine, to the wetlands located in the nearby Foster Island. Washington Park Arboretum is a joint project of the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation and the University of Washington. That in mind, the location was well-blessed not only by the nature surrounding it, but the government funding that goes to the preservation of it, making Washington Park is a sight to behold.

Conveniently placed adjacent to Washington Park, this neighborhood boasts of the green environment that is well-cared for and gives off a calm vibe. The community, as discreet as it is, is very involved in the promotion and preservation of the area. Furthermore, the place is easily reachable through Lake Washington Boulevard, which runs northwards parallel to the Arboretum creek. There are freeways and overpasses crisscrossing nearby as well as foot paths that wind up Lake Washington ship canal. While the estate is owned and developed by the city of Seattle, the majority of the operations are maintained by the University of Washington, so lots of activities can be expected in the area.