A Little About Hawthorne Hills

The lush, vibrant nature of the suburban Hawthorne Hills neighborhood would definitely surprise you with what it has to offer. Located in the northern Seattle area, this neighborhood is relatively close to Wolf Bay on its southeast side, while surrounded by Laurelhurst to the south, Ravenna to the west, and the northeast part of Seattle to the north.

Homes for sale in Hawthorne Hills provide easy access to North Seattle’s popular spots such as the Windermere Park and Warren G. Magnuson Park over at Sand Point. On summer days, many people enjoy winding down while viewing the gorgeous sunset at the beach along Keswick Drive, which faces Lake Washington. You can hit the tides, go surfing, and do a bunch of other activities on your days off as well. There is also the Sand Point Country Club nearby that provides the opportunity to golf with friends at View Ridge.