A Little About Interbay

As a boundary neighborhood that slices off Fort Lawton from the Queen Anne district of Seattle, Interbay is very close to Interstate 5 and the downtown Seattle. Interbay is bordered by Salmon Bay to the north, Queen Anne to the east, Puget Sound to the south, and Discovery Park is off to the distance in the northwest. Being situated near the waters of the Puget Sound allows for easy access to the nurturing Pacific breeze that sweeps into the west coast of Washington farther inland.Briarcliff and Smith Cove are two great places near Interbay where people often visit to enjoy the refreshing smell of the Pacific Northwest.

The great thing about Interbay is that it is literally a boundary between nature and Seattle, so the best of both worlds can be experienced throughout the day. You will find yourself half attracted to the life in the city while the other half being pulled to the amazing blue outdoors, living within the narrow lines of perfect balance and harmony. Take an enjoyable walk through the Magnolia Boulevard West or go farther along the 34th to end up in Lawton Park. Meanwhile, you will find a port-side neighborhood to the south, and along Elliott, there's also a great view of the Puget Sound. Salmon Bay also gives people something to do if you want a fun experience - it really pays to see the fishes for yourself, right there jumping from the waters during the salmon season.