A Little About Jackson Park

Jackson Park is a massive public park and golf course, which ranks along with the top places that people love to come visit in northern Seattle. This golfer's paradise is located in the heart of the city that offers anyone a surreal environment and refreshing nature, all while being completely accessible no matter whether traveling from the north or south. Jackson Park is located inland that sits right between Pontiac Bay and Puget Sound, and the small but decent community surrounding the area offers a great place for starting out, settling down, and raising kids.You can find Northacres Park and Haller Lake Park nearby and also Hamlin Park to the north, which is yet another great place to visit on the weekends or during free time. For those who enjoy coming and going quite frequently, you might be happy knowing thatInterstate 5 passes through Lynnwood, Mountlake, Shoreline, and Seattle - all the way down to Federal and Tacoma.